Define your hair waves

Define your hair wavesIf you have curly hair, probably in many cases, depending on the hairstyle you’ve wanted to make, you have liked to score more waves of hair but have not known how. Here we show you different techniques to achieve this. Follow these simple steps and get the hair you’ve always wanted.

After washing your hair and remove excess moisture, apply some gel and divide your hair into sections of about three centimeters. Then, before using the dryer, roll each strand in the fingers and keep rolling for a few seconds. In this way you will get, in addition to defining curls, your hair has more volume.

Apply the dryer about five inches from your hair while drying, press the lock by hand, to give final shape. And you just have to comb when dry.

Another method you can use are the products available in the market to help define the curls. Before applying you should wash your hair with a conditioner suitable for your hair type. Then apply the specific product to define waves and finally remove the excess water with a towel. If you can, it is best to let it air dry.

You can also make waves with the dryer, using a diffuser. About the diffuser to the hair, always careful not to overcook and make circles with the diffuser so as to mark the waves. Another option is to head down and dry your hair upside down. When you get your head you will notice a difference in your hair.

Finally, a very handy trick is braids. You can make thinner or thicker, depending on how you want it to be cool. Make them with damp hair and leave for several hours. When demolish, do not use the brush, just fingers and your hair will look nice and wavy.

Title: Define your hair waves
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