Motorola will announce a new product next week


Motorola has had a busy past few weeks news with the launch of the Moto G. However, since November 13, the manufacturer is actually quite discreet. They seemed to surprise us. He actually sent an invitation to more specialized sites

Microsoft Surface Pro 2: a processor running at 1.9 GHz for the latest tablets

Sometimes it is best not to throw too fast on products that make us feel. Microsoft has just proved once again with his Pro 2 Surface. Why? Simply because all outgoing slate production lines are housed in the same boat.

Dreamcast on Android with Reicast, the emulator wishes you well

Play Dreamcast on Android, it is now possible thanks to an emulator that has just entered the Play Store. Available since yesterday Reicast is not particularly stable, it is a fact, but it should appeal to all those who truly

GTA Online: updating Capture is being deployed


Good news for offenders ( virtual) become full , Rockstar will deploy in the next few hours a big update for GTA Online, an update called Capture … ! And pay attention , because it is not a simple patch

Minecraft: PS3 on approach, and soon PS4 / PS Vita

Minecraft, as all good things should almost be prohibited by law. Each time, it’s the same thing . You get into a so-called “fast” part and always ends up spending the night. Must say this is the title of Mojang

#TheWalkingDeadTheGame: A new trailer for the second season

The second season of The Walking Dead The Game is eagerly awaited by fans of the series and the comic . Telltale Games has been very hard with this new title , that’s for sure . If you believe what

PS4, first impressions


For three days my Playstation 4 arrived in my living room . After months of waiting , it is with a little (lot ) chance that I could get my hands on in the store and over the counter without

Angry Birds Go!, Or how Rovio pushes the in-app purchase to the absurd


We know for some time that the franchise Angry Birds will soon return in a new game: Angry Birds Go, which is actually a racing game in which cars Fred showed you a video of gameplay. As expected, it will

GTA 5: Some rumors about the next DLC solo

Rockstar has recently deployed an update for GTA Online, but the publisher has been working for several weeks on a DLC dedicated to GTA 5 and thus the single player campaign of the last title of his famous franchise. The

X-Men Days of Future Past: Magneto has perhaps killed Kennedy

X -Men Days of Future Past released in all rooms obscure May 21, 2014 , or in a few months. The film’s producers have started their marketing campaign last month with a first trailer, and they have done it again

Star Wars Episode VII: false script walk on the canvas, and a review of the latest rumors dated


After a few years of waiting , Star Wars will return to cinema in a new episode will be screened in all theaters on December 18 … 2015. So it will be not less than two years before discovering after

Xbox One: one million units sold in 24 hours!

Xbox One came on the market a week after the PlayStation 4 , but it did not infringe the sales of the console . As proof, it has sold one million copies in 24 hours! Just like its competitor ,

GTA 5 and 7 world records


Since its release September 17, 2013 for PS3 and XBox 360 GTA 5 broke 7 world records official will enter the Guinness Book of Records. For a video game, it’s pretty huge. It is true that this is a game

Shelton College International

Have you ever heard about GCE O Level, A Level, or E Level? We can attend this program on Shelton. Here, i am explaining to you about Shelton in Singapore.Now, I am studying in an International school, that is cooperating

Ar tonelico 3 Official website

Visit Ar Tonelico 3 website! Here you can find out news and other things about Ar Tonelico 3! Enjoy! Ar tonelico 3

Ar Tonelico 3 Pictures

New Hymmnos Singer on AT3

Tilia’s hymns voiced by KOKIA. By the way, how about Noriko Mitose?

Ar Tonelico 3 Characters

Here are some characters that will appear on AT3.Aoto (??)The main character of the game and an apprentice in high elevation construction. He’s reckless, but always finishes what he starts. He never liked Clusternia, but after meeting Saki, he starts

Persona 5 Release!

Finally, this persona 5 will release soon at 24TH May 2011 on the console PS3, like the other personas such as persona 4 and persona 5. Still, Shoji Meguro as the producer here. I really excited with this one since

Ar Tonelico 3 – Will Spica appear here?

Oh my! i don’t think that Spica will appear on AT3 at all. Because all my research didn’t work at all…. If you know any news about Spica on AT3, please comment here! Thanks a lo

My Favorite Dance Songs

Hey guys, i will tell you several songs that i use for practicing my dance move! 1. Flo-Rida feat. T-pain – Low (This is a perfect song! I like the beat..Me and my dance group had performed this dance twice

Most Expensive iPhone

How luxury! I wish i could get one ! (But my mom would not buy it for me of course)

How to Make a Japanese Kimono

Are you Interested in making Japanese traditional wear, KIMONO? Check how to make it here by simply following the instructions! Good LUck! Things you need :1. Fabric (At least 4 yards)2. A single bolt, or “tan” of cloth measures approximately

Taylor Swift’s Lyrics

Taylor Swift – You Belong with MeTaylor Swift – Love StoryTaylor Swift – White HorseTaylor Swift – Crazier